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Blog Post: Independence in Colonial Asia

To look at a map of colonial Asia is to see many colours. It is one with lines, shaded areas, dots on maps. These signify territories, treaty ports, zones of influence, railways, and other new introductions to a previously monarchical, rudimentary culture which had, in many respects developed of its own accord for thousands of years. All its influences came from its neighbours, tribute and…

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Two ladies to town (at 청명마을)

#Korean raw materials

Free tea

Blog Post: Reading the Korean War

Reading the Korean War

I don’t profess to be an expert on much, such is my modesty. Even though I’ve lived in Korea for over nine years now and am invested in the country through family, I can’t really attest an authority on much of the country’s history. This is certainly an embarrassment as I’m supposed to be a history graduate.

When I first arrived in Korea I read Michael Breen’s The Koreans,…

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The wait is on (at CAMPER)

Heaven high (not really) (at 청명마을)

Blossomania; the end? (at 경희대학교 외국어대학)

Kyunghee in the April sun (at 경희대학교 외국어대학)

April in Korea is cherry blossom trees and Buddhist lanterns. (at 청명마을)

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