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Swanning about (at Royal Canal)

Street memorabilia

#Dublin’s older Georgian quarter (at Henrietta Street)

See You in the morning

Corners and lines (at Central Bank of Ireland)

38 (at O’Connell Street)

Georgianus Dublinica (at Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin)

Derelict history
(at Boland’s Mill)

The look up look (at Dublin Pearse railway station)

Blog Post: #citygram

You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m still Instagramming away. The topic has changed, of course, and as has my user ID. Seeing as I’m no longer in Korea being Conzie in Korea just didn’t seem right, so after a night of brainstorming and the convening of a focus group I decided that the best name for my Instragram efforts was…

*drum roll*




Pretty clever,…

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Running on The Default Network
by Boyce