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Street spirit fading out (at Temple Bar)

Blog Post: Letter to Korea, August 2014

Dublin, Ireland
August 2014

Dear Korea,

I may not make a habit of this, but I thought considering our long affair together the least you deserve is an update on life without you. You know, it has been almost two months since I arrived back ‘home’ in Ireland and you seem further away than ever before. This is not the first time we have been separated for a long period, but always I had that return…

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Shapely (at Phoenix Park)

City centre loungre (at Powerscourt South William Street)

Blog Post: Relearning to Read in 2014

So many things change, so much remains the same. New media has presented so many new challenges in all aspects of our lives but perhaps where we are effected most is how we digest written text. It is a constantly changing environment and due to the speed of change a status quo has yet to be established. The way we read has changed at such a remarkable pace in the past decade that there is nothing…

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Gone is the view from the 20th floor. Now I have the sun setting through the trees. (at Blanchardstown Village)

City life (at 4 Dame Lane)

Life is better on the outside. (at The Little Museum of Dublin)

Owl are you?

Laneway lines II (at Temple Bar / Barra an Teampaill)

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce